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Ivan Samardžić, Prof. dr. sc.


Vice-Rector for Science, Technology, Projects and International Cooperation


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Personal data:

IVAN SAMARDŽIĆ was born 6of September 1963. in Gornja Ljupljanica (Bosna and Hercegovina), and from 1970. lives in Slavonski Brod, Croatia.

He finished primary and secondary school in Slavonski Brod.

From 1983. to 1987. he attended mechanical engineering study and graduated 1987. on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb. In 1988. he finished specialist training for welding specialist engineer on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb, and 1998. training for European Welding Engineer according to demands of European Welding Federation. From 1994. he is a member of mentioned training program with subjects related to weldability an welding parameters control.

From 1988. to 1990. he attended postgraduated study and achieved his Master of Science title 1991. on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb. The subject of his master thesis was: “Crack analysis on pressure vessels made from micro alloyed high strength steels” He achieved his Doctor of Science title 1996. onFaculty of Engineering in Rijeka. The subject of doctor thesis was „Contribution to welded joints reliability“.

From 1987. to 1990. he was employed in company Đuro Đaković, Slavonski Brod as a welding and quality control technologist.

1998. he was selected as a outer associate in the courses related to mechanical engineering technology on Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Slavonski Brod, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, and from 1990. he is a fully employed on this Faculty on the Department of technology. He is a president of mentioned department from 2001. From 2005. he is a Vice dean for education.

On Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Slavonski Brod he was a lecturer on the courses Technology II- welding, Welding I and Welding II, and also participates in the courses Quality control, Quality assurance, Cost effective analysis of product and Technology design. On the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Slavonski Brod and Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka he participates as a lecturer on the postgraduate study.

As a member of interdisciplinary group of experts he participate in development of the „on-line“ monitoring system for registrating and analysis of welding parameters.

He is a active member of Croatian welding society and Welding society – Slavonski Brod.

Speaks and writes in English and German. He is married and father of tree children.