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Antun Stoić, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Chairman of The Department


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Personal data:

PhD Antun Stoić mech. engineer was born on 23rd of August 1967. in Zbjeg, county Slavonski Brod, Republic of Croatia.

He passed through primary and secondary school in Slavonski Brod. He has studied on Mechanical engineering faculty from 1986. to 1991. In 1991. he graduated on Mechanical engineering faculty in Slavonski Brod. He started his postgraduate study at 1991., and in the same year he start to work on Mechanical engineering faculty as young researcher. He has applied on Euro Laser Academy in Aachen in 1993., and pass through final exam for Euro Laser Engineer in Wien in 1994. In 1995. he become young Assistant, and in 1997. Assistant in the field of Mechanical engineering/ Technologies and machining systems.

He obtained his master’s degree at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of mechanical engineering and naval architecture in 1996. In the year 2000. he specialized at PTW TU University in Darmstadt.

In 2002. he has finished doctor theses and obtained PhD degree at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of mechanical engineering and naval architecture.

He participates in the lessons and exams in the fields of Chip removal processes, Machine tools and systems on the Mechanical engineering studies at the University of Osijek.

Since year 2006 he is Dean of Polytechnic of Slavonski Brod with three departments (technical, biotechnical and economy department).

He was editor of several expert books and one multi language dictionary.

He gets several expert awards and acknowledgements.

He is married and is father of four children.